College comes with a relentless onslaught of choices. What major will I choose? Which career path? Who should I date? Do I really want to marry this person? And so on. A Long with all of that, one of the most important decision you can make when going to college is choosing which church you are going to attend. Thankfully the Tri-Cities and the surrounding areas provide many great options. 
Being honest, we don’t want to give the impression that Grace FWB is the only good choice, or even that it’s the best choice for you. We are thankful there is a large number of churches in the local area that are serving the Kingdom of God faithfully. At the same time we believe that Grace FWB could be a perfect fit for some college students — maybe even for you.
Here are some reasons why:
1. We are firmly committed to God’s Word. If you are looking for a church where you will hear the Gospel week-after-week, you will definitely find it at Grace FWB. Biblical preaching, teaching, and instruction is of the utmost importance to us.
2. We are striving to be on mission. Local mission work is increasingly becoming part of our church DNA. We currently are working with a small group of local ministries and para-church organizations, but we are constantly looking for more opportunities to serve and for people eager to serve. If you have a heart for missions you will find like minded people at Grace FWB.
3. We are an smaller to average size church. Our average attendance is 200 – 250 on Sunday morning. This may be larger than many of the smaller churches in the area, but there is always room for growth as we desire to grow and multiply for the Kingdom of God. Many of the larger churches in the area may offer the level of excitement and energy during worship that you may be accustom to in your college lifestyle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this worship opprotunity. At the same time there are many positive aspects to plugging in with a smaller congregation for worship and community.
Consider a few Things:
     – The fact we are average to a smaller size means you can be known. Some people like going to a larger church where they
       can blend in and be anonymous. They consider this to be a good thing, but to be honest this is not spiritually healthy.    
       Church is meant to be a community of believers, being known and having a level of accountability to other believers is a
       good thing. 
     – The fact we are average to a smaller size means you can get to know people who are not in your social circle or in your
       particular stage of life. During the college years it is easy to fall into the solo mentality, where you are on your own and
       independent. This mentality can lead to the lack of a support group during times of struggle or difficulty. The ability to know
       and be known in the church allows for support during the college years, what is already a highly stressful and at times
       difficult period. 
     – Along with the support, the small to average size church offer more opportunities for discipleship. During the college years
       it is easy to focus on growth in knowledge in your field of study and on social issues. It is important during this time to also
       make sure you are growing spiritually in your walk with the Lord. Being plugged in allows you to be discipled and for you
       to pour your life into others.
     – The fact we are an average to smaller size means that you will have opportunities to get plugged in. Many college students
       want to serve. They want to find a place where they can be active and make a difference. But sometimes have difficulty
       finding the “right” place. No matter the area you desire to serve there is a place for you. Do you want to sing? Play an
       instrument? Lead or take part in a mission work? If you love the Lord and have a desire to serve, you will find your place at
       Grace FWB.
If you’ve looked up where we are located, you can see we are in the heart of Johnson City. This makes it easy for any college student no matter what college or university to get plugged in, serve, and be part of the community of believers at Grace FWB.
We hope you would consider Grace FWB, and that in time we would become your home away from home. If you have any questions send us an email or find us on Social Media.