Teachers: Garland Hood & Troy Garland
Using the same name as the fellowship the Senior Saints Sunday School class is designed for those who are 50 plus in mind. As the lead teacher Garland Hood uses the Bible and the Union Gospel Literature as a guide for each lesson.  The fellowship and fun that started in the Senior Saints monthly outings continues each week and includes an in depth study of God word that pushes you to learn more about God and apply more of yourself for the glory of His Kingdom.


Teachers: Michael Slemp & Jeff Erwin
The class is comprised of individuals of all ages and is open to married couples as well as those who are single. In the Pairs and Spares Sunday School class the subject of study vary from subject to subject and do not follow a particular course of study. The goal for this class is an in depth hermeneutical and exegetical study going through the books of the Bible via a carefully verse-by-verse, and equipping you with a practical everyday application of God’s word. Also with the idea of church community in mind this class enjoys a monthly fellowship outside of the classroom.


Teachers: Geff Moore & David Johnson
The Son Seekers Sunday School class began with one goal in mind, to seek to know more about our Savior Jesus Christ. It was this goal that brought about the name “Son Seekers.” We gather to study God’s Word understanding II Timothy 3:16-17.   We desire a deeper understanding of God’s word knowing it is the Bible that equips the Saint and provides direction in our lives.


Teacher: Bryan Burton
The Wondrous Works Sunday School class has a more traditional Free Will Baptist feel. Using the Bible Scholar Free Will Baptist literature from Randall House Publishing, a weekly study walks you through each chapter of the Bible from cover to cover throughout the entire year. Add to the discussion are issue of current events tying the principles found in God’s word to practical everyday use.


Teacher: Pastor Josh McGuire
Ages: 13-18
The primary goal of this Sunday School class it to equip the teenage believer on how to not only profess their faith but to live it out in their daily lives.  The “stories” of the Bible that were learned as children come to life with real application and a deeper theological understanding.  This class develops a sense of service to the community and stresses the importances of showing the love of Christ to the lost and dying world.
Teacher: Alfred Whitson
This class continues to build on the basics of the Foundations class and places greater focus on Jesus and Salvation. Also, the students are given an introductory understanding of evangelism and apologetics. It is here where a child is first introduced to “Here I am, send me.” (Isaiah 6:8)


Teacher: Jane Browder
Ages 5-8
The purpose of this Sunday School class is to develop a basic understanding of God, Jesus, Salvation, and the Bible.  The lessons are given in a manner for children to understand God’s love and to learn “stories” from the Bible with a practical application.